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The history of the Remaker has begun in 2004 under the concept of Remake

(At that time the word UPCYCLE is not known yet) by K. Yuttana Anothaisintawee who had

rich experience in Recycle industry for more than 10 years. K.Yuttana is the ECO designer

who designs innovative products that turn all the wastes into the usable and aesthetics. He

started in designing products made of used clothes and turned them into the fashionable

clothes. At that time, K. Yuttana was Co-Designing with Japanese designer. The design in

each product clearly reflects their love and passion in the work. Yuttana pulled the charming

of wastes with different sizes and shapes to re-composition and upcycling to be interesting


The world started to pay more attention to the Environment and the Eco Products

which K. Yuttana fell in love with the charming of waste material and try his best on the

product design by putting more imagination and ideas to create the master piece of new

recycle items with useful functions. Even his Japanese partner was giving up for the

ReMake concept, K.Yuttana still keep going forward and come up with the new Design and

Product Development with the Stronger concept.

Finally, brand ‘The ReMaker’ has been introduced to the market in 2006. Mr.

Yuttana’s first-handed experience taught him to be more conscious and aware of the

environmental trend and it made him realized that clothes were not the only type of

wastes. .He started to look for other waste materials to design new products using new

ideas with UPCYCLE concept to create the unique designed products that serve more

functionalities. These wastes are, for instance, Inner Tube from Tuck, Motor Bike, and



Upcycling: is the process of converting waste materials or useless products into new

materials or products of better quality or for better environmental value.


1. Second-handed clothes

Abundant amount of clothes is produced everyday due to fast-changing fashions and

seasons. The garment industry was established for more than five decades. Fashionable

clothes were produced and sell in the market until they are oversupplied. When consumers

have to keep up with new lines of clothing, great amount of old clothes were left abandoned

in their closets. Having witnessed this incident in every day’s life, Mr. Yuttana is inspired

to make use of these abandoned clothes. His inspiration has turned them into stunning

designed products that surprise everyone

2. The inner Tube

Bicycles and motorbikes are among the top choices for transportation in a very busy and

bad-traffic like Bangkok. When these bikes and motorbikes are put out of use, one of the

left over parts is their inner tube of the tires. Some of them can be recycled, but the rest

cannot. These non-recyclable inner tubes have become the material for “Upcycling” like The

ReMaker is doing.


ReMaker foreseen the important of the cleanliness of the material especially the used

items, we carefully pay attention to the cleansing process with safety and quality control.

For example, the inner tubes usually have oil stained, rusty, muck and etc. With

highly concern, our cleaning process is very careful and tries to clean as much as we can to

get risk of all the oily on the material before the next production process. We are cleaning

more and more again and again until surely that clean enough to do not reflex to clothes of


For used clothes, we used industrial washing machine that wash the clothes with

high temperature to make sure that they are cleaned without any stain, dirt, bacteria, and

anything unwanted. Then, the washed clothes are processed to industrial dryer machines.

They dry clothes with high temperature to guarantee the dry and cleanliness of our raw

materials before being sent to next step of production.


As Elasticity of inner tube is big trouble for cutting process; therefore, using cutting machine

is not the answer of these materials. The Remaker uses simple cutter blades to manually

and carefully cut the inner tube to ensure the best results possible.


The design process of waste materials quite differs from the traditional design process for

general product. Our design process has to think reversely. Started from looking at property,

shape and image of waste materials, then gradually thinking, imagine, designing to be new

product. That why every product are unique as one of a kind.


Designing is only one part of imagination to create the waste materials to revitalize. Not only

making waste to be re-useable but we also make every pieces of the waste to become the

master pieces of the designed product. By paying attention to every small detail, we turn

the waste to become the high quality of genuine Leather. As each stitching are details of

imagination and intention of long experience telling between material and high skill of Maker.



2008  -   Silver Medal prize SIIF 2008 Seoul International Invention Fair 2008  Korea

2009  -   Bronze prize DIC 2009 Design innovation Contest by Innovation of Thailand

2010  -   Wins 2010 ICFF Editors Award for Best Material in New York , USA.

          -  Second placed in SME TEE TAK ( Broadcasting )

2011  -  Third placed in SME TEE TAK of The Year

          -  Winner best innovation ( CBS Innovators Award 2011 )

2012  -  Demark Award 2012 Design Excellence for Lifestyle Category

          -  Demark Award 2012 Design Excellence for Fashion Category

          -  PM Award 2012 Outstanding Performance as Design Excellence


 “The ReMaker” collaboration with “Thai Environmental and Community Development Association” under “Magic Eyes” project  to designs and production for school bag from Billboard (vinyl) used as material for distribute to students from “Border Patrol Police School”  23,000 pieces,  nowadays students have received around 15,000 and around 8,000 peoples still waiting for our production. The Underprivileged Children will have nice school bag to go to school. Even though school bag will passed to children but a lot of Underprivileged Children from other parts such as Hill Tribe Children or Border no chance to have it. Thus, We will continue on this project and require everyone to join the project “Get 1 Bag Give 1 Back” because each bag what you bought mean each school bag to the children like you give school bag to the children by your hand.